“Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution” 

                                                                                                                  - Alexander McQueen

At 18, I started my own revolution when I decided to move from Bogota to Miami.  My first job was at Diesel where I learned what it meant to be a team player, think critically, be a leader, perfect my time management, and the delicate balance between visual merchandising and sales. After nine years with the company, I knew that I wanted more.

Being surrounded by fashion and its intricacies on a daily basis, I was inspired to learn photography. I taught myself the basics which gave me the confidence to explore my creative side more in-depth. I assisted several photographers where I learned about art direction, production, studio lighting and the overall functions of a photographer in the fashion industry.

I built on and expanded my portfolio, then decided to enroll in the Art Direction program at Miami Ad School. Photography had been my stepping stone to pursue something much greater.

Living abroad afforded me the opportunity to work at an AD agency Global Geometry in Hamburg with their branding and packaging department, which opened my eyes to the beauty of developing a brand. I was then accepted to work in an agency in Paris Publicis 133 Lux, where I learned about luxury brands and how unique their approach was when it came to creativity. These two international roles definitely helped me refine my approach towards art direction.

After graduation I moved to NYC and joined GLOSSYBOX. I’ve gone on to build full campaigns from scratch, bringing novel ideas to reality. I’ve additionally mastered product photography and amassed an incredible amount of knowledge about the beauty industry as a whole. My past experiences have led me to establish a solid creative department that continues to refine itself, flourish and evolve.

My curiosity is piqued now more than ever... and I am ready to start the biggest revolution yet.